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cloud Document Storage FAQ

By: Casey Wohl | Tuesday, Aug 14,2018

Datamation’s cloud based document storage system, ImageSilo, is a great way to store your documents digitally. And while the number of companies choosing cloudfalse

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7 Reasons to Streamline Your Employee Record Management

By: Casey Wohl | Monday, Jul 30,2018

Employee records are incredibly important in order to make sure your employees are safe and qualified, but they are also important for your company’sfalse

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It's time to update your microfilm and microfiche

By: Casey Wohl | Tuesday, Jul 24,2018

Let’s face the facts: microfilm and microfiche are outdated. As you plan for the future of your company, it’s important to ensure the accessibility offalse

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when to outsource accounts payable services

By: Casey Wohl | Wednesday, Jul 11,2018

Have you considered outsourcing your accounts payable services? Datamation offers the tools, experience and solutions to help you turn time-consuming,false

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5 Benefits of digitizing your records management

By: Casey Wohl | Tuesday, Jul 10,2018

Regardless of industry, managing records correctly is the best way to ensure ongoing compliance. As your company grows and paperwork multiplies, it becomesfalse

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2 proven methods to reduce aP processing costs

By: Casey Wohl | Friday, Jul 06,2018

Is your AP department still working with paper? Is there more than one person within the AP department? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re missingfalse

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Workflow automation: the ultimate solution

By: Casey Wohl | Tuesday, Jun 26,2018

It’s often the everyday tasks consume the most productive hours of the day, regardless of industry.

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4 essential tips for planning an HR document management system

By: Casey Wohl | Wednesday, Jun 20,2018

Implementing an HR document management system will lead to more efficient processes, reduced costs, time savings, and fewer tedious tasks for HR staff members.false

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how automated workflows can benefit any hR department

By: Casey Wohl | Tuesday, Jun 19,2018

It’s safe to say that HR is the heart of nearly every company. They deal with the most important asset within any organization – the people.

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large format Document scanning: why scan blueprints and drawings?

By: Casey Wohl | Wednesday, Jun 13,2018

Are your company’s large format documents rolled up and stored in the corner of a room, folded in stacks, or tossed in a box at your office?  Without a digitalfalse

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